The soundtrack for Misery Loves Company captures the emotional themes of its characters with a diverse paragon of independent artists.

Speed Metal Blues - Riphouse
Come Home With Me - The Snow Cones
With You - Jonny Rod
Skull Punch - Gorilla War Machine
Rifles Meet the Rockers Uptown - Armedalite Rifles
Shades of June - Free Bass
I Hate (to Love) You - The Willis Highway Experience
Featuring Johnny No-Keys
Island of Misfit Toys - The Horse You Rode In On
RIP II: The Family Dies - Riphouse
Lost One Day - Loulabella
Wrong Time - Loulabella
Phantasmic Descent - Gorilla War Machine
Mutineer - Cccome?
It Don't Matter - Trouble Bound
Here To The End... - Trouble Bound
Don't Give In - Loulabella
Sonatina in J - Gorilla War Machine
Decide - Jonny Rod
Misery Loves Company and You - Ten Pints In
When Your Heart Is Black - Loulabella

Original score written by Peter O'Brien
in association with Louise I. Lynch